December 2017 Inspection

Ron and Jan’s Catering. 113 E. Booneslick Warrenton, MO 63383. 12/01/2017.
Routine. No Core or Priority items at this time.

Mikey’s Pour House Pub and Grill. 10 Wildcat Drive Wright City, MO 63390. 12/06/2017. Routine. No Core or Priority items at this time.

Hunan Café. 13000 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Wright City, MO 63390. 12/07/2017. Routine. Priority Items: Hand Washing, Hand washing sink in cook’s area was not available for use, nor was it in working order. A hand washing sink was to be available by this inspection, due to an investigation of a complaint that a customer witnessed bare hand contact with food approximately a 6 weeks ago.  At the time of the investigation there wasn’t a hand wash sink visible in the cooks area. The owner was told, at the time of the investigation, to get a hand wash sink in this area. The inspector returned to do re-inspections, but this facility was closed and the inspector could not re-inspect until today. When owner was asked if he installed a hand wash sink in the cooks area, he move some packaging and produced a hand wash sink, that was hooked up but the faucet was too tight to turn to get water out of. There is to be a functioning hand wash sink, that is being used, in the cooks area by re-inspection.  Food Temperatures, Personal food was being held on counter, out of refrigeration. Core Items: Storing Food, Several food containers were sitting open in the walk-in cooler, with no labels or dates. This is a repeat violation. Cleaning, The floor between equipment, was dirty with grease, food and debris. Cash register keys were dirty with dust grime, this was corrected on site. Storage shelf was dirty with grime, food debris, and was cluttered.

Oak Pointe. 700 Forest Avenue Warrenton, MO 63383. 12/14/2017. Routine. No Core or Priority Items at this time.

Hunan Café. 13000 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Wright City, MO 63390. 12/28/2017. Re-Inspection. Progress had been made on the core and priority items on the 12/7/2017 inspection report. The floor and shelving unit were clean at re-inspection. The hand washing sink in the food prep area was working but was still a little difficult to use, a new faucet needs to be installed by next routine inspection. Food was better organized in the walk in cooler, but some still did not have covers or labels and dates.

Posted: January 3rd, 2018
Category: Food Inspections