April 2014 Inspections

San Jose Mexican Grocery. 200 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Wright City MO 63390. 4/2/2014. Routine. Critical Violation: Equipment, nonfood contact surfaces needed cleaning. Non-Critical Violations: Toilet Room Receptacle Covered, trash receptacle in ladies room needed a cover. Hand Drying Provision, kitchen and restroom hand wash sinks needed paper towels. Hand Washing Cleanser, Availability, kitchen area sink needed soap. Using a Hand Washing Facility, the hand washing facility in kitchen area was being used to wash vegetables. Cleaning of Equipment, behind front counter needed cleaning. At re-inspection, two weeks later, all violations had been corrected.

Liberty Christian Academy, East Central. 402 North Service Road Wright City MO 63390. 4/02/2014. Routine. No Critical or Non Critical Violations.

Blumenhoff Vineyards. 13699 South HWY 94 Dutzow MO 63342. 4/28/2014. Routine. No Critical or Non Critical Violations.

McDonald’s 647 West North Service Road Wright City MO 63390. 4/28/2014. Routine. Critical Violations: Non Food Contact Surfaces Cleaning, drink dispenser at drive-thru and handles of equipment were dirty. Non Critical Violations: Cleaning Frequency, floor was dirty. Receptacle Availability, one of the hand wash sinks needed a trash receptacle. Maintaining Hand Washing Facilities, hand wash sink was dirty and in need of repair. Drying Mops, mop was not hanging up to dry. Effectiveness, manager not wearing hair restraint while preparing food, others walking through food prep area without hair restraint. Good Repair, ice machine in back room is in need of repair. Repairing, trim on wall in food prep area is in need of repair. Soda machine in self serve area needs repair (this is a repeat violation). Maintaining Refuse Areas and Enclosures, trash bin enclosures in dining area need cleaning. Temperature measuring devices, some of the refrigeration units did not have thermometers or they were broken.

Posted: June 6th, 2014
Category: Food Inspections