April – June 2015 Inspections

Brewskies. 209 E Main St. Warrenton, MO 63383. 4/21/2015.
No Critical Violations. Non Critical Violations: Good Repair, Reach in cooler needs a kick plate replaced. Outer Openings Protected, Two doors have gaps and need to be sealed. Repairing, Cove base by one of the ice machines needs to be replaced. All violations to be corrected by next routine inspection.

Cori’s Twin Gables. 101 HWY 47 Marthasville, MO 63357. 4/30/2015. Pre-opening/Re-inspection. No Critical or Non Critical Violations. All previous violations have been corrected and establishment is approved to open.

Moser’s 1035 Armory Ln. Warrenton MO 63383. 5/26/2015. Routine. No Critical Violations. Non Critical Violations: Wiping Cloths, wiping cloths in deli were not in sanitizer solution. Non Food Contact Surfaces, inside of cabinets in deli were accumulating

Treloar Bar & Grill. 16698 Texas Street Marthasville, MO 63357. 5/28/2015. Routine. No CriticalViolations. Non Critical Violations: Food Storage, food is being stored on a shelf that is lower than the required 6 inches above the floor.

Concessions 4 U Food Truck. Warrenton, MO 63383. 6/4/2015. Routine. No Critical or Non Critical Violations.

 Little Caesar’s Pizza. 518 Warren County Center Warrenton, MO 63383. 6/5/2015. Routine. Critical Violations: Plumbing System Maintenance, a hand wash sink was leaking. Non Critical Violations: Hand Drying Provisions, one of the hand washing sinks was out of hand towels and another had a broken towel dispenser. Cleaning, several non-food contact surfaces were dirty. Unnecessary Items, clutter in back room. All violations were corrected by re-inspection.

Posted: July 23rd, 2015
Category: Food Inspections