Care Trak

What is Care Track?

Introduced in 1986, the Care Trak system allows family members to track loved ones who have a history of wandering from their home. The mobile tracking system uses a radio frequency wrist unit to locate lost individuals.

When an individual wearing this system is reported
missing by calling 9-1-1,care_trak trained and certified law enforcement and first responder agencies can begin the search using the radio telemetry system. The hand-held, directional response system is targeted at the specific frequency assigned to each individual, allowing searchers the ability to track within a few inches of the lost person, day or night, inside or outside. The telemetry system is preferred over GPS and cellphone units because the signal can be tracked inside buildings, in heavy foliage or in times of heavily clouded skies — something that is not always the case with these newer technologies.

Over its more than 25 year existence, the Care Trak system has successfully located several thousand missing participants, with response times of less than thirty minutes!

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