In Missouri You Can Be Ready in 3

We don’t know when an emergency will happen. But there are things we can do to prepare for emergencies of any kind. Preparing now will help protect you and your family in the future. The state of Missouri developed a program called Ready in 3. It is an easy way to learn how to prepare for an emergency.


After any major disaster, emergency workers may not be able to reach everyone right away. What would you do if you had no electricity, no gas, no water and no telephone service? Having a plan for your family and their needs will help ensure their safety and comfort during these difficult times. A well thought-out plan of action for you and your family can go a long way toward reducing the damage from tornados, wildfires, severe.

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Endorsed by the American Red Cross and the State Emergency Management Agency, Ready in 3 focuses on three steps you can take to prepare for many kinds of emergencies.

Posted: September 2nd, 2011
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