May 2017 Inspections

Warrenton 8 Cinema. 265 West Veteran Memorial PKWY Warrenton,
MO 63383. Routine.
5/02/2017. No Core or Priority Items at this time.

Ball’s Q Shack. 100 WN 2nd Street Wright City, MO 63383. Routine.
5/12/2017. Priority Items: Food Storage, food was not arranged properly in the refrigeration unit. Core Items: Non-Food Contact Surfaces Cleaning, The walls by the stove and hand wash sink, the floors around the edges and the stove, were all needed to be cleaned. Plumbing, the drain pipes at the three bay sink were leaking and need to be repaired. All violations, except for plumbing, were corrected by the time of re-inspection. Plumbing is waiting on

Concessions 4 U. Temporary Food Truck. Routine. 5/19/2017. No Priority or Core Items at this time.

Cedar Lake Cellars. 11008 Schreckengast Road Wright City, MO 63383. Field Visit. 5/25/2017 No Score given today. This visit was to evaluate new construction on the property. When the employee hand wash sink is plumbed and soap and towels are provided, and the mop sink hose is made shorter, this new section of this facility will be ready for use.

Two Dude’s BBQ. 612 N. HWY 47 Warrenton, MO 63383. Re-inspection. 5/25/2017. This facility has shown much progress on the work that was required at the routine inspection. The insulation has been covered in the dining area, but the covering still needs painting. The back kitchen walls have been covered, sealed and trimmed out, with only a few small pieces of trim needed here and there. The door to the back kitchen had a hole in it and needed repair, the quick fix on it will not be sufficient and will need to be replaced by the next routine inspection.

Dave’s KT Caboose. 600 Depot Street Marthasville, MO 63357. Spot Check. 5/31/2017. This visit was to spot check that the covering for the outdoor cooking units. The covering is sufficient and approved by the Warren County Health Department.

Posted: June 3rd, 2017
Category: Food Inspections